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Written by Administrator    Wednesday, 17 October 2012 09:37    PDF Print E-mail

Thailand-based AusThai Marine has launched a new boat from the Albatross Marine Design drawing board. The design is catering to the growing demand for seagoing catamarans. Sixteen metres in length, it has a semi-planning hull shape, partly tunneled propellers with an enclosed front and open stern area. The boat is really for tourist transportation and day-charters in the tropics and capable of transporting 40 divers in a "dive cat" version. The boat is very spacious and includes 2 toilets and stern platforms with convenient outboard ladders. There's also a galley with a serving counter, cabins for the owner and crew, a flybridge with a seating and steering station, and a dive compressor. Another model available is the 70-seat "Transporter", without a flybridge.
The design is based on successful models of catamarans developed by Albatross over the past six years. To further verify the design decisions a 1:10 scale model of the boat was tested. Ride comfort was given special concern.
The hull shape was optimized for fuel saving, cruising at speeds around 25kts, with a higher speed range possible. The hull structure is reliable and designed with a wide application of sandwich panels above the waterline – a well-proven technique.
The AT1600 is designed for category B 'offshore' of international small craft standards.
The boat demonstrated an extremely soft ride and has proved to be very functional. The first boat will be used in the Phuket area of Andaman Sea.

Thailand-based Albatross Marine Design is developing a new concept of 12m power catamarans intended for wheelchair users, making it easier for handicapped boaters to enjoy their time on the water.
After a careful study of wheelchair ergonomics the boat has been designed with master bedroom/bathroom on the bridge deck and three guest cabins/toilet in the demi-hulls. A walk-through saloon, forward cockpit and spacious aft deck make almost all areas of the boat fully accessible by wheelchair. This is achieved by maximization of the cabin beam and leaving very narrow side decks. The stern area is equipped for fishing, the side and bow ramps enable easy boarding and the tender is strategically placed on the cabin aft roof. Special measures were taken with the bridge-deck profile, furniture sizing and handholds.
Can The catamaran will be powered by twin 200HP outboard engines, which reach over 20kts fully loaded. Hull shapes are efficient with flattened sterns and reverse bows. Construction is in FRP sandwich to RCD category B.
Albatross has developed over 50 catamaran designs in range from 3.5-30 metres and 30 of these have been launched for both custom and series production.

Modular passenger catamaran concept
Following high world market demand and recent advances in composite materials technology, Thailand-based design office Albatross Marine Design is developing new concepts for passenger and tourist catamarans. The main idea of this modular wave piercing catamaran concept is that it is able to build saloon and hull mouldings and ship them to assembling site in 40' containers, with pre-installed equipment. The length of the catamaran will vary from 24-30m utilizing the same moulds with the same beam. Considerable savings are achieved in construction time and costs compared with similar-size aluminum craft.
The catamaran is designed to cater to 100-190 passengers seated in aircraft-style seats in an airconditioned saloon. An optional bar is available in the saloon as are sofas and coffee tables. There are three to six toilet units in total and service rooms are provided. The wheelhouse is spacious with excellent all-round visibility. The fire-protected engine rooms are designed for A60 class fire protection.
The hull material is composite based on multiaxial fabrics, with foam sandwich. Propulsion will provide cruising speeds of around 25kts, depending on engine options.
The boat is designed in compliance to International High Speed Craft Code as passenger craft type A, which enables easy certification and highest safety standards.
Currently Albatross Marine Design is involved in the development of high-speed passenger craft in a number of countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.