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Catana Catamarans – Speed, Comfort and Safety
Written by Administrator    Friday, 24 May 2013 17:24    PDF Print E-mail
Catana Cats are world-renowned and a favourite with long distance cruisers and multi-hull sailors looking for performance while maintaining a high degree of comfort and safety. Catana does not mass produce and believes in personalizing their yachts and they build to a standard rather than to a price. The degree of planning and innovation that Catana undertake on an ongoing basis ensure their catamarans stand out on all levels. Innovation in their construction methods are highlighted by their use of a Composite Resin Infusion Molding Process, Foam Sandwich and Hi-Tech fibre content which results in structural strength, while reducing weight by an average of 15% to 20% compared to more usual materials. The overall design of the yachts result in enhanced performance and safety.The vertical section of the bows , the tulip shape of the floaters and the bulb-shaped section underneath the waterline increase the volume of the submerged hull, diminishing pitching movements in heavy weather and the narrow entry hulls guarantee great performance on calm seas. The slight incline of the bows adds stability and lessens rolling while the aerodynamic hull shape of reduces pitching. Catana spend a lot of effort ensuring weight distribution is optimised ensuring stability and reducing pitching moment. The higher freeboards of Catana and the Beam/Length ratio contribute to their boat's unique static and dynamic stability while the aerodynamic shape of the Catana roof reduces wind exposure. Their masts constructed from carbon fibre optimise weight while increasing the stability and performance of the boat. The sail plan is has two headsails and a mainsail, as well as a spinnaker. Working sails aremade from Spectra sailcloth for shape stability. The Catana manoeuvres easily at speed and the deck plan allows manoeuvres to be controlled from the cockpit, which improves the ease and speed of tasks and means the boat can be sailed single-handed or with a small crew.
The organisation of space on these boats is exceptional. The control lines can all be accessed from the cockpit and toerails, lifelines and handrails are designed for easy, unrestricted movement. Daggerboards are a feature of Catana. They improve stability and in crosswinds, raising the daggerboards enables the boat to avoid "trip" risk, again ensuring safety. Conversely, lowering the daggerboards makes it possible to sail closehauled almost as well as in a monohull, proving once and for all that catamarans can do this, and do it at much higher speeds. Even in light winds, a Catana can sail at speeds one-third faster that any equivalent monohull.
The head room, internal fittings and quality of finish are of very high standard.There is extremely efficient sound insulation throughout regardless of whether you are in the cabins or the cockpit.
The foam structure guarantees good shock absorption, even against strong impacts from the front or the side and extensive use of aramid fibre in the Twaron Impact process also contributes to the rigidity as well as to shock resistance and lightness. The "crashboxes", waterproof compartments fore and aft, prevent any water from entering the living quarters after a major impact.
Catana 42
An outstanding catamaran that is powerful, hardwearing, yet light, and has highperformance with reaching speeds of 20 knots + and 8 knots+ close-hauled, Inside it has an incredibly spacious interior with a 360° panoramic view with direct access to the cockpit. Its salon is fitted with generous storage space as should be the living hub of the boat. Quality materials, lightfilled cabins, perfect ventilation, excellent bathroom design, thermal and audio insulation come together to make life on board easy and very comfortable.

Speed, Comfort and Safety
The side ventilation is extremely efficient: the interior portholes, located under the nacelle, provide protection even if it is raining with head linings made of ultralight materials with good insulation properties. Large portholes in the roof are fitted with external isothermal curtains, preventing 90% of the sun's rays from entering, without blocking the view. Wide flexible panels (the large sliding door and window on both sides of the entrance) guarantee excellent ventilation in the salon.
Living comfort on Catana is well planned and the boat's performance is maintained while offering every modern convenience, such as a refrigerator, freezer, oven, dishwasher, wine cellar, television, washing machine, generator, desalination equipment, air conditioning, heating, diving compressor etc.
Safety is optimal so the helmsman can sail the boat and therefore concentrate on the essentials. Unsinkable, solid, light Catana catamarans, are some of the safest boats in the world.
Catana 47
Outstanding performance and excellent standards of safety and comfort, the Catana 47 is the ideal boat for extended cruising whether you are sailing singlehanded or with a partner. Superbly remodelled by the Catana shipyard, this new version is almost 700 kilos lighter, with carbon fibre used as standard for the main partitions, roof, hull reinforcements and numerous structural supports.
Timed at almost 25 knots during its initial trials, the Catana 47 is fast, light, robust and exceptionally easy to handle, giving both helmsman and passengers a remarkable sensation of speed and acceleration.
New Catana 53
After several months of research and feedback from clients, Catana dockyard, is proud to present the new Catana 53. With minimalist design, the cockpit and salon on the same level, and multipurpose extendable lounge, the interior fittings of the Catana 53 are innovations that set new standards of comfort and offer truly unique living spaces. The galley and island unit, wide passageways and spacious cabins give her an incredible sense of space.. The exterior of the Catana 53 is particularly elegant, with its reverse bows and inward-curving daggerboards. The new hulls have achieved even higher scores than those of its predecessor, the Catana 52 and Catana 50.
Catana 55
The Catana 55 offers an increased amount of interior space compared to alternative models. She has been praised for its comfort and performance by the best-selling US sailing magazine, is the ideal catamaran for long voyages with friends or family and benefits from all the advantages of carbon fibre production, used as standard on the main partitions, roof, hull reinforcements and structural supports. The Catana 55 combines the ultimate in safety and performance and guarantees outstanding levels of comfort as everything on board is designed to make life easier. The beautifully practical U-shaped galley is ideal for preparing food and enjoying a convivial meal with up to eight people and 6 double cabins available as an option.
New Catana 59
With minimalist design, the cockpit and salon on the same level, and multipurpose extendable lounge, the interior fittings of the Catana 59 are innovations that set new standards of comfort and offer truly unique living spaces. This unrivalled level of comfort goes hand-in-hand with high performance and a 360° view, whether from the steering position, cockpit, salon or chart table. The exterior of the Catana 59 is particularly elegant and the new hulls have achieved even higher scores than those of its popular predecessor, the Catana 58. Benefiting from the cutting edge of recreational sailing construction, the infusion process and the use of carbon, the Catana 59 is a high-performance, hardwearing, light boat that will shape the high-performance luxury catamarans of the future.
Catana 70
The Catana 70 is an exceptional boat in every way, with its streamlined silhouette and classically elegant lines, sophisticated design and ever-more advanced performance featuring revolutionary new curving daggerboards that create a hydrofoil effect. The sail plan has a short mainsail for easy handling and a larger foresail, giving the Catana 70 its unparalleled performance which will appeal to both competitive yachtsmen and sailors with a taste for elegance and refinement embarking on a long-haul voyage. The interior fittings have been designed for maximum comfort. The cockpit and salon are on the same level, with a central area which can be extended into either, to make space for a large table. On the port side, the Catana 70 has a galley with a central island and fine chart table facing the sea. With even more space. the Catana 70 has generously sized cabins, more cupboards and more storage areas to ensure excellent living conditions.
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