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The Ao Chalong Yacht Club Sailing School
Written by Administrator    Friday, 06 December 2013 16:01    PDF Print E-mail
The Ao Chalong Yacht Club Sailing School The Ao Chalong Yacht Club Sailing School Some and have fun in Phuket's great outdoors, sailing with the Ao Chalong Yacht Club (ACYC) Sailing School down in Chalong Bay! The ACYC Sailing School aims to bring the sport of sailing into people's lives. To share the excitement, the friendship and those special moments the ocean lets you be part of through sailing. It wants to build a sailing program that not only gets people skilled in the sport of sailing but instils teamwork, respect for nature, healthy competition and self-confidence.

Kids can start at a young age with the Play Sail group allowing students to feel comfortable on a dinghy and get a feeling for sailing playfully. From seven up, they can attend lessons to complete stage's 1-4 to train to become skilled sailors. There are also classes for adults and the club is looking to expand its fleet of boats to accommodate a larger number of people. The school aims to guide everyone through the different stages so they learn and have fun. That is why it aims to hold "fun training" between lessons to allow students to practice the skills they have learnt by playing games and doing races in a safe environment before moving on to the next stage. The school is also ready to provide quality race training for those who advance and want speed and competition.

After learning and enjoying sailing there is so much more fun to be had, whether it be competing in one of the many local or national regattas (or training for one), having a weekend or family sport or cruising and exploring the local area by water, the ACYC sailing school can provide you with teaching, a learning environment and guidance.

At present the school has five Open BIC sailing dinghies, each one sponsored by a local company. The Open BICs react to everything you do, making them great boats for learning. They are light, fast, manoeuvrable and fun to sail. The school sees great potential in a fun Open BIC racing class for kids. It also has two Mirror Dinghies, one Byte and a few Optimists, which it uses to accommodate a range of different size sailors. There are more boats in the pipline to increase activity at the ACYC.

Those that have sponsored dinghies so far include the Royal Phuket Marina, Tamarind Pool Villa Rentals, Electrical Marine, Asia Catamarans, and Sea Horse Furniture.

The Ao Chalong Yacht Club Sailing School

The school has an experienced and skilled instructor, an RYA Instructor himself, who studied Watersports Management at Solent University and has been teaching sailing for 12 years. He hails from the UK, where he taught sailing at numerous yacht clubs in his youth and through university before moving to China for four years to assist developing a sailing centre. The dingy school taught sailing to adults, offered school sail camps and high level of racing coaching and expertise. There are a number of other instructors with a range of different experiences so that the school can meet the needs of the students. If you're interested in becoming an instructor the ACYC Sail School can guide you through the process and give you the training.

The ACYC sailing school is an approved RYA training centre and run by qualified instructors. It can offer you training and experience in a range of sailing and power-boating disciplines. ACYC members can take advantage of special rates for courses as well as discounted food and beverages at the clubs beautiful open air facilities, making the Bt5,000 annual membership fee well worth while!

Contact the school to make a booking, sign up or express interest. If you are unsure about what the school offers, or want to discuss a particular project please contact the school, it is very open minded and flexible to your needs.

Ao Chalong is tidal dependent, so classes don't have a fixed time, but they are posted on the ACYC website or contact the ACYC yourself.

By the way, whether you are sailing, or not, the club has a great restaurant with a stunning backdrop and friendly atmosphere to watch your friends and family having fun on the water.

Contact info:
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(The ACYC is continuously developing its courses and programs so to be put on the mailing list to receive updates, email the club at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )