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Sevenstar hosts party for cruisers at ACYC
Written by Administrator    Thursday, 03 April 2014 11:27    PDF Print E-mail
Sevenstar hosts party for cruisers at ACYC Sevenstar hosts party for cruisers at ACYC Some 100 plus people have assembled at the Ao Chalong Yacht Club of Phuket. Sipping a drink, chatting, laughing, delighting in a delicious buffet and in one word enjoying a wonderful evening. Their commonality is that all of them are cruisers, yachties. Most of them have been meeting each other somewhere on this globe before. Be it Tobago in the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, Fiji, Tahiti, Tonga or Komodo, the majority has been there at one time. So tonight is the night of renewing relationships, of memories and future plans. A photobooth puts it all in hard copy for those who want, against a backdrop of the main sponsor of the evening, Sevenstar Yacht Transport. Girls from the Lady Sevenstar Sailing Team hand out some personal souvenirs and Sazli Kamal Basha of Sail Malaysia is available for questions about the upcoming "Passage to the East" to Borneo.

Sevenstar hosts party for cruisers at ACYC One big cruisers family
Says Elli from SY Elbe, "It's such a great opportunity to meet everybody again and talk shop. We're really grateful that Sevenstar put all this effort into setting it all up and bringing us together in a fantastic location. It's truly a reflection of the hospitality that you can find in this part of the world. Oh, and by the way, great food!". As the party draws to an end, there is still a little challenge for the partygoers, as they depart with their dinghies parked at the floating dock in an on-shore chop. The only not-planned part of an evening otherwise well spent.

Sevenstar's Thailand & Malaysia agent, Chris Jongerius, says, "This feeling of belonging to a family of world cruisers is what brings all these people together. The cruisers form a tight-knit floating community and we feel very fortunate being able to offer a platform for them to meet in such a lush tropical location. For most visitors this is an unforgettable event."

Flash back 6 months
It's early Sunday morning. The sun rises above the horizon. The silhouettes of some hundred yachts become visible, pointing all in the same direction and bobbing slowly on a lazy swell behind their anchors. A warm gentle breeze sweeps across the marina of Darwin, Australia. It's a perfect morning before the heat of the afternoon hits the town.

More and more dinghies leave their home base and point to shore. Once landed it's a short walk for the owners to the city's conference center for the Sail Indonesia briefing. Inside, some 200 people are chatting and laughing. Most of them just having finished their trans-pacific voyage and are now meeting old friends, exchanging information and sharing adventures. There is anticipation in the air. This will be the start of a new chapter in their log books: first Indonesia, then Malaysia and finally Phuket, Thailand.

Every year rallies are organised for cruisers that plan to visit South East Asia, many have already crossed the Pacific. The "Sail Indonesia" rally starts from Darwin to the beautiful islands of Indonesia. From there "Sail Malaysia" takes over for a rally through the hospitable Westcoast of Malaysia. As most yachts eventually want to go to Phuket, the "Phuket to Langkawi Fun Sail" is organised by Sevenstar Yacht Transport and Sail Malaysia together. And to commemorate all these miles together the Phuket Cruisers' Party completes the common journey.

Sponsor Sevenstar Yacht Transport
"We are really happy with the turnout tonight", says Marieke Derks of Sevenstar Yacht Transport. "It is a first time and it really proves there is a demand for such an event on a yearly basis. Last year I have been privileged to witness how the rally organisers work together. I am genuinely impressed with their work, and the fantastic opportunity they offer to cruisers to experience the countries in a way not easy accessible to others. This year, together with Sail Malaysia, we organised a low profile 'Langkawi-to-Phuket-FunSail', and the reactions are very encouraging. So yes, we will do this again next year and will improve and scale up where we can. "

She continues: "You are wondering why are we involved? Of course our business is ultimately in yacht transport and we know that shipping is one of the options available to cruisers who have arrived in Phuket after a long journey. However, we think it is good to be part of an initiative where information is shared about all options. Asia offers fantastic cruising grounds. Being a sailor myself, I really hope that everyone has a chance to fully enjoy that. And then, when it is time, there are new sailing horizons. We will be here to provide a shipping solution for that too, with our regular sailings from Phuket to the Mediterranean and to Mexico and Florida. Sometimes bringing people home and oftentimes to new exciting cruising grounds."

Charity: Humanitarian Vessel Vega
Also there is some information about Humanitarian Vessel Vega, a classic wooden schooner that leaves to the East of Indonesia every year to distribute and donate educational and medical materials to the smallest islands. Marieke: "We like to be part of the full picture and create awareness for the region's challenges too. Vega is an excellent project and they absolutely deserve exposure and support for their work. I am trying to incorporate that in my activities and travels."

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