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Northrop & Johnson
Written by Administrator    Thursday, 03 April 2014 14:26    PDF Print E-mail
Northrop & Johnson
Welcome to the Authority in Yachting!!

Northrop and Johnson is a leading global brand in the yachting industry and experts at selling, chartering and managing yachts on behalf of their clients. Shortly after World War II Jim Northrop and George Johnson formed a partnership to provide a quality yacht brokerage service to their close circle of yachting companions on Long Island Sound. The first office opened in 1949 at 366 Madison Avenue in lower Manhattan and served as the foundation for the fledging brokerage that was soon to expand into one of the largest and most respected yacht brokerages in the world. The reputation as "Gentlemen Brokers" spread quickly in the tightly knit New York yachting community and by the early 1960's the company expanded with branch offices in Stamford, CT, Miami, FL, and Marblehead, MA.

In 1971 Dutchman Kees van Vliet opened the first US Yacht Brokerage office in Europe in Cannes, France. By the late 70's there were additional offices in Newport, RI, Palma, Spain and Ft Lauderdale USA. Enter another Dutchman, Bart Kimman, who opened the the first Global Yacht Brokerage office in Asia when in 2008 he established Northrop and Johnson Asia in Hong Kong. Soon thereafter he established Northrop and Johnson representation in China, Korea, Philippines, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand to offer clients a network of in country experts in Asia with the relevant market intelligence needed to buy, sell, charter or manage yachts in the Asia Pacific Region.

Northrop & Johnson

Northrop and Johnson has evolved as a truly global brand and is positioned among the top three industry leaders. Under the current leadership of Kevin Merrigan, Group CEO, Northrop and Johnson is well positioned to improve on its global brand value with extended services and continuous marketing development.

Northrop & JohnsonNorthrop & Johnson adds another dimension of luxury and service to the yachting lifestyle. Our reputation for success has been built by years of commitment to our clients and the yachting industry. From technical broker specifications to crew placement, marketing and charter management, we offer a total service approach. Our impressive record of yacht sales, our growing charter fleet and crew placement services are a direct result of our integrity and steadfast promise to our clients to deliver the best. With over six decades of longevity and our global span, we provide services that are customised to meet all of our clients yachting needs.

Buying and selling larger yachts has become a global exercise. Every Northrop and Johnson broker is part of a multi-national network providing a global view of what are the best buy or sell opportunities, to advise on the real market value of a yacht and her charter potential. Likewise on the annual maintenance costs to run a yacht and the best refit options when the time to refit is there.

Why do you need a Yacht Broker?

To effectively sell a pre owned yacht one needs a dedicated Central Agent who has the knowledge of the yacht and the market to put together an effective marketing campaign that exposes the yachts there where potential buyers can see them. This requires a thorough marketing knowledge of the relevant soft and hard media that are instrumental to the positioning of the yacht in the market place as well as support action from boat shows, events and the optimal presentation of the yacht when viewed by a potential client. In addition the Central Agent needs to be able to access a global network of professional yacht brokers who are looking for yachts on behalf of their clients. In a global economy this is a key link to successful yacht sales which is completely missed when the yacht is sold under an "open" listing.

Visit northropandjohnson.com to get a feeling of the professional way we present yachts for sale and for charter. The team of experts at Northrop and Johnson combine the best yacht expertise and the personal touch required to sell your yacht.

Instructed by clients who are looking to purchase a yacht Northrop and Johnson are extremely well connected with a large group of qualified brokers on the sale side. If we have not listed your dream yachts, we will find it through the global brokerage network. Our combined market intelligence will show how to pick the best deal, the best yacht and the best value. The purchase of a yacht is a combination of a financial and an emotional decision. The search of that yacht is therefore a combination of professional guidance and personal vision.

Yacht charter is a complex industry. To match supply and demand different market forces need to be synchronised in order to obtain the required success. Northrop and Johnson provide a professional team of Retail Charter Brokers with an affluent client base from all over the world. The NJ Retail Charter Broker's job is to find the best charter for their client and in order to do that they must rely on expert knowledge of the yachts they offer for charter. Knowledge that includes the yacht's styling and interior design, the Captain and crew, the accommodation and toys on board, the cruise destinations, and her availability. That knowledge is based on the one-on-one relationships with the charter managers who manage the yachts for the owners almost as joint venture partners. They go out on the yachts and they continuously inform the Retail Charter Brokers about the wherewithal of the yacht. The expert charter team at Northrop and Johnson has a large base of very happy and satisfied yacht charter clients.

Larger yachts need management support. Destination expertise, crewing, fuel supplies, maintenance programs and refits, finance, flag state requirements, class issues are but a few of the critical elements running a superyacht. Northrop and Johnson provides an all round service with a global reach. Charter your yacht in Indonesia, refit her in Thailand, plan the next season in the Med, consider an upgrade in 5 years are typically challenges that we as a professional team can manage on behalf of our clients.

Together they become the super yacht lifestyle and provide the ultimate vacation and indeed make a yacht the ultimate vehicle to own! The Northrop and Johnson Team in the Asia Pacific Region has developed in a team of some 15 yachting experts and qualified yacht brokers who bring together a unique combination of in country experience, cruising destination guidance, yacht-management and maintenance expertise and above all the integrity to work as your joint venture partner. Our industry memberships include the industry leading Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association, the equally authoritative Florida Yacht broker Association and indirectly the Association for Yacht Support and Services. Northrop and Johnson Asia and their individual team members adhere strictly to the codes of conduct promoted by these global associations. Northrop & Johnson is a world of luxury yachts, exotic charter and world class brokerage services. We are a tradition in yachting as a world leading authority on the sale, purchase, charter, management and new construction of luxury yachts.

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Mob: +852 97597845
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Northrop and Johnson Asia Ltd
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Castle Peak Road, N.T. Hong Kong