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Silolona celebrates a decade on the water
Written by Administrator    Friday, 20 February 2015 15:20    PDF Print E-mail
Silolona celebrates a decade on the water
Silolona celebrates a decade on the water

Silolona Sojourns celebrates 10 years of private charters throughout Southeast Asia, using its own hand-crafted traditional fleet of wooden sailing ships built to German Lloyds specifications. The flagship, Silolona (50m/164ft length overall), melds all the safety and amenities of the 21st century with the style and grace of the Golden Age of Sailing. Her crew of seventeen professional seamen are acclaimed as being the "best crew" by guests, worldwide agents and charter brokers alike. Launched in 2012, Si Datu Bua (40m/ 130ft) was built to the same exacting standards. Both ships are imbued with spirit and tradition from the laying of the keel to the completion of the boats that now sail the waters of the vast Indonesian Archipelago and beyond. Indonesian destinations and highlights include Raja Ampat with its wonderful snorkeling and world-class diving in gorgeous pristine seas (Silolona is a registered)

Silolona celebrates a decade on the water

PADI Dive Center and carries a PADI Instructor); the Asmat people with their ancient tribal customs and powerful art; Banda, with its jewel-like islands & history— also the native home of nutmeg and stately old Dutch mansions; the Komodo Islands, the natural habitat of the Komodo dragon, a World Heritage Site, which also has world-class diving and deserted pink sand beaches; plus the Flores Archipelago with its ancient cultures, textiles, world-class diving and scenic volcanoes. Then there's Myanmar, Thailand, and the Andaman Islands of India as well.

Each voyage is meticulously designed and hand-rafted by Patti Seery, the originator of the Silolona concept based upon her extensive knowledge accumulated over the past 30 years in the vast Indonesian Archipelago, her longstanding friendships with communities and her passion for the art, history, and cultures of Southeast Asia to suit each guest's interests.

Silolona celebrates a decade on the water

For ten years, Silolona Sojourns has also been leading cultural & scientific expeditions. Marine biologists, Dr. Gerald R. Allen and Dr. Mark V. Erdmann

Silolona celebrates a decade on the water
Silolona celebrates a decade on the water

(Conservation International) have even named a new fish after the ship:

< Ambyglyphidodon silolona>. ( Reef fishes of the East Indies, Appendix 1, 2012).

Silolona celebrates a decade on the water

Silolona has also been supporting the conservation films of Shawn Heinrichs

(Blue Sphere Media) and his work on the preservation of mantas in Indonesia.

From December 2014 to February 2015, Silolona & Si Datu Bua offer spectacular itineraries in the Andaman Sea and will take guests on a fabulous journey to the remote shores of the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar. The crew has an extensive knowledge of the cruising area. Silolona & Si Datu Bua are fullycertified Padi dive centres, but also offer many other options for non-divers including fishing, kayaking, waterskiing, and, of course, relaxing on a perfect secluded sandy beach with a group of friends. Tandem charters are available, with a full capacity of 16-20 guests.

Contact: Silolona Sojourns – Bali
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Silolona celebrates a decade on the water Silolona celebrates a decade on the water Silolona celebrates a decade on the water