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Written by Administrator    Saturday, 21 February 2015 09:18    PDF Print E-mail
THE SEAY Q & A THE SEAY Q & A Favourite Sailing Film?

Woody Brown's Of Wind and Waves; not just a sailing film but a biography of Woody's amazing life. Only about twelve minutes of Woody sailing and building the first modern catamarans in Hawaii; part of the movie here

Favourite Sailing Books?

Moxie by Phil Weld; his story of winning the 1980 OSTAR combined with his autobiography —an inspiring book that I read many years ago, and would like to get my hands on again. And Trimaran against the Trades by Jean Cole is the story of a grown family and 80+ year old Grannie Emmy who built a Piver Victress trimaran in Kenya, and sailed it across the Indian Ocean against the trade winds to New Zealand in the late 60s.

  • Favourite Sailing Hero?
    Mike Birch coming 2nd in the 1976 OSTAR on a Newick Val trmaran, The Third Turtle and winning the 1978 Route de Rhum on Olympus Photo.
  • Biggest Sailing Inspiration?
    Tom Corkill; he had the very first Nicol Clipper 25' trimaran (named Clipper) built for him by Hedley Nicol in 1966 and sailed it as far as Cape Town, single-handed across the Indian Ocean. After leaving Cape Town, admittedly overloaded, he capsized and was rescued twenty-four hours later. He then had a 34' catamaran Ninetails built in Brisbane and circumnavigated in the 70s. I met Tom in Cairns in 1985 as he was off on his second circumnavigation. Unfortunately, while on his third circumnavigation, he had to leave Ninetails in Portugal in 1998 due to health reasons. He passed away the following year.
  • Favourite Marina?
    Mooloolaba, spent some time there, close to the surf and used to go to Mooloolaba for summer holidays with the family.
  • Favourite Anchorage?
    Surin Islands, Thailand and Lizard Is, North Queensland.
  • Favourite Chandlery?
    Rolly Tasker.
  • Favourite Boat Show?
    Southampton Boat Show.
  • Favourite type of sailing boat?
  • Boat you'd most like to design/build?
    Firefly 850, otherwise Francis Joyan's IDEC.
  • Favourite Regatta?
    Bay Regatta (Phang Nga).
  • Sailing race you still most want to compete in?
    Route de Rhum, or the two-handed Round Britain and Ireland Race.
  • Sailing destination you still most want to get to?
  • Sailing journey you'd still like to make?
    Circumnavigate the globe.
  • What boat would I most like to do an ocean passage on?
    Banque Popular.
  • What could the Thai gov't do to improve sailing/marina business in this country?
    Reduce/do away with import duties on building materials and equipment to encourage the build of new boats, not just the import of new boats.
  • If you weren't in the sailing business, you would be…?
    An astronaut.

Australian native Mark Pescott is one of the best yachtsmen in Southeast Asia. He has completed over 100,000 sailing miles, many of them single- and two-handed. His longest deliveries have been from Phuket to Djibouti (3,400 miles) without stopping on a Swan 42 La Sumudra, and from Lumut, Malaysia to Vanuatu (5,200 miles) on a Catana 47, Intia. He is also the designer of Mark Pescott Multihulls, boat builder and rigger. He has been the Managing Director of Firefly Catamarans Co. Ltd, Phuket since July 2000 (www.markpescottmultihulls.com).