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Hull features new 200 hp Outboard Engine from Suzuki
Written by Administrator    Wednesday, 22 April 2015 15:31    PDF Print E-mail

Hull features new 200 hp Outboard Engine from SuzukiSuzuki Marine has pulled the wraps off a new series of compact 200 hp outboards featuring inline four-cylinder blocks and boasting a host of advanced features, the DF200A. The Suzuki's DF200A weighs 498 pounds, 12 percent less than the V-6 version of Suzuki's 200 outboard.

Comparing 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engine, given all else being equal, the difference between a 4-cylinder and a 6-cylinder engine is that the latter produces more power, due to the two extra cylinders, which create additional piston thrust.

In a 4-cylinder engine, there are four pistons rising and falling in four chambers. A 6-cylinder engine features six pistons and produces theoretically 50% more power than the same 4-cylinder engine. While a 4-cylinder engine might give a lag when accelerating, a 6-cylinder will tend to be more responsive, with greater "get-up-andgo".

Hull features new 200 hp Outboard Engine from SuzukiThough more cylinders equal more power when comparing the same engine models, there are exceptions when comparing different engines and this is what happens to the Suzuki DF200A. Improved engine designs over the years have resulted in substantial gains. This has made 4-cylinder engines more powerful than they were a decade ago. In short, a 6-cylinder engine from the early 20s that's still running strong might nevertheless have less power than a recently designed 4-cylinder engine. The Suzuki DF200A is lightweight and delivers "V6-Like Power" using innovative technology with improved fuel economy and enhanced reliability.

Innovative Features:

Suzuki engineered the DF200A with a 10.3:1 compression ratio (9.7 percent greater than in the DF175A) and a new cowling to provide cooler air directly to the engine's long-track tuned intake manifold. Twin intake and exhaust valves allow the engine to breathe more efficiently. Suzuki's Lean Burn Technology, which optimizes the fuel-to-air mixture once a cruising rpm is established, also contributes to efficiency. Oxygen and water-detection sensors monitor and control engine operating parameters, resulting in superb reliability.

Hull features new 200 hp Outboard Engine from Suzuki These new outboards serve boating anglers in two primary ways:
1) The relatively narrow inline design (versus a wider V-6 block) lends itself well to twin-engine installations on a V-hull. DF200A
2) The lighter mass of the (versus the V-6 version) allows for repowering older boats (originally designed for lighter two-stroke outboards) with this new generation of fourstrokes.

Suzuki will also offer the new engines with both digital (DF200AP) and mechanical (DF200A) control systems.
The AP model will also include Suzuki's Selective Rotation, for multi-engine installations, and keyless ignition.

For more details, please contact:
Hull features new 200 hp Outboard Engine from Suzuki Hull Co., Ltd.
167/3 Moo 4, Na-Jomtiene, Sattahip, Chonburi 2025 THAILAND
Tel : +66(0)38-238-131 to 2
Fax : +66(0)38-238-133
Website : www.hull.co.th