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Nothing tames the sea like a Seakeeper gyro
Written by Administrator    Thursday, 23 April 2015 10:15    PDF Print E-mail
Nothing tames the sea like a Seakeeper gyro

Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilizers are the most effective zero -speed, anti-roll devices ever made! Whether at anchor or underway, Seakeeper Gyros provide the enhanced comfort and safety expected by boaters around the world. With active motion control and advanced cooling technologies, each gyro is highly effective over a wide range of sea conditions and vessel speeds, without the need for external appendages.

Nothing tames the sea like a Seakeeper gyro

Founded in 2002, Seakeeper's mission was to create gyro stabilization technology so effective that it would forever transform boating. "By reducing boat roll, we knew we could make time spent on the water much safer and vastly more enjoyable."

"Since the introduction of the first Seakeeper, we've seen and heard thousands of times how Seakeeper has changed people's lives: the astonishment, excitement, relief, and joy they exude when the gyro turns on and the boat settles is magical. We feel lucky to be involved in this transformation. The opportunity to change a fundamental human experience does not come along every day".

So what is a Seakeeper and what does it do?

It is a computer controlled gyroscope that eliminates most boat roll, including the fatigue, anxiety and seasickness that goes with it. Because of this like a Seakeeper Gyro game changing effect, the world's top boat builders are now installing Seakeeper, and since 2008 they have shipped over 2,200 units.

How much does the Seakeeper weigh, and what are the power and space requirements?

Typically, the Seakeeper weighs between 1 to 2% of boat displacement, requiring only 1-5 kw electricity- depending on the model. Seakeeper can be installed almost anywhere in the hull for unprecedented convenience and is not required to be on the centerline of the hull. Nothing extends outside the hull and the Seakeeper is a small percentage of the overall volume of the boat.

How much does a Seakeeper cost?
Seakeeper implemented a major price decrease in 2014. Excluding the installation, Seakeeper retail pricing varies from $29,900 for the smallest unit to $197,900 for the largest unit.
  • Seakeeper 5, (Boats 20 tons, 30-50')
  • Seakeeper 9, (Boats 35 tons, 50-65')
  • Seakeeper 16, (Boats 70 tons, 65-80')
  • Seakeeper 26, (Boats 100 tons, 80-100')
  • Seakeeper 35, (Boats 140 tons, or 100'+)
Nothing tames the sea like a Seakeeper gyro Can a Seakeeper be fitted to an existing boat?

Yes, approximately 25% of the units we ship are installed aftermarket. The time and price of a retrofit installation will vary, (typically 2-4 weeks) with simple retrofit installations costing as little as $5,000 and larger and more complex to $35,000 or more.

Retrofit and service in Thailand

Mick Keally of Octopus Electrical Service, who is the Sales and Service dealer for Thailand carried out a retrofit on a luxury SESSA 68 "Gerlash". A M8000 unit was fitted under the floor in the accommodation area. The unit was lowered into the boat by removing one of the front windscreen panels and through the access hatch which originally accessed the black water tanks. A gantry was then used to maneuver the unit into position on to its custom fabricated mounting bed. Once the Seakeeper was installed the black water tanks were re-fitted in a new location. Local tradesmen were contracted for some aspects of the job. Mick says, "this is the advantage of where we a located at Boat Lagoon in Phuket; we have a large hardstand area with travel-lifts capable of hauling out up to 80 ton vessels and we are surrounded by quality marine tradesman".

Once "Gerlash" was back in the water the Seakeeper was commissioned and sea trials were undertaken. The whole operation took around 10 days but the actual installation of the M8000 was only 4 hours

Nothing tames the sea like a Seakeeper gyro

Gerlash's captain; South African, Denys Vanrooyen, who was also involved in the fitting operation says, "It's a completely different experience that we have now with the Seakeeper stabilizing the boat.

"When I prepare the boat for the owner the Seakeeper is switched on and runs the whole time the boat is at sea. The owner, his wife and two young children use the boat on a regular basis as Phuket offers such great cruising grounds and the boat is a pleasure to be on in all sea conditions whether at anchor or charging along at 26 knots.

"A surprising benefit to the installation was the improved fuel economy. The boat has had an improvement of around 15% which in dollar terms is a great saving when running twin 1300 hp engines. I love the stability of the boat when docking, as I am not effected by any wash or movement caused by the boats thrusters or other boats around me. I can easily berth the boat on my own having the stability factor from the Seakeeper, thrusters fore and aft and the Volvo IPS steerable legs. Being a captain has never been this good!"

Nothing tames the sea like a Seakeeper gyro Top yacht builders choose Seakeeper

In 2015, Seakeeper opened an office in Singapore from which it will base an operation to manage Asia Pacific region with local sales and service staff.

This team is actively building a support network to provide local consumer support, and installation support for the yards involved with export and domestic builds.

It is no wonder that many of the top name yacht builder are offering their boats with a Seakeeper fitted ex-factory. Renowned builders such as Azimut, Princess, Sunseeker, Montecarlo and others have recognized the benefits that Seakeeper's active gyro stabilizer technology has to offer the recreational yacht industry. The Seakeeper's exclusive system is the most effective anti-rolling device ever made. Whether at anchor or underway, Seakeeper Gyros improve vessel performance, comfort and safety – enhancing life at sea. Featuring vacuum – sealed gyro – dynamics, active motor control technology and patented advanced cooling designs, each gyro is highly effective over a wide range of sea conditions and vessel speeds – without the need for external fins. With the push of a button, walking around decks in rough seas becomes effortless, dining is more civilized without worrying about spills and splashes and motion sickness becomes a thing of the past.

Whether you're heading out for a day trip or a long rangevacation excursion, life onboard can now be more enjoyable for everyone. Charting the day's course becomes easier, anchorages become more plentiful, galley time more pleasurable and your berth becomes a place of true restfulness. Seakeeper gyro stabilizers provide unprecedented anti-roll performance for luxury vessels of all sizes and brands ensuring the most comfortable and safest ride ever.

Seakeeper Asia: Mr. Andy Toh,
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Thailand Retrofit contact: Octopus Electrical Service Co.,Ltd. ;
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Nothing tames the sea like a Seakeeper gyro Sports Fishing

When conditions keep others in port, Seakeeper lets prizeseeking sport fishermen head out to sea and extend their fishing season.

For fishermen trolling, backing down on a prize game fish or just drifting, the stabilization technology lets sport fish yacht owners get out there and find fish.

Dramatically reducing flybridge and tuna tower sway – where the effects of boat roll are most severe – Seakeeper provides a stable platform that allows you focus on the water and spot the game fish others can't see. Unlike traditional fin stabilizers, the Seakeeper gyro is installed safely inside the hull where it can't be damaged by the hazards of the sea; with no added drag, no effect on your top speed, no interference with rigging to ensnare you catch and minimal maintenance. SeaKeeper gyro stabilizers provide unprecedented anti-roll performance for luxury & work vessels of all sizes and brands. Find out today how you can experience the most comfortable and safest ride ever.