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SEAY Regional News
Written by Administrator    Thursday, 11 June 2015 11:33    PDF Print E-mail

SEAY Regional News The Royal Yachting Association sailing qualifications were recently voted as the premiere qualification for excellence by a group of 200 charter boat companies. This is the highest accolade from an industry that is growing rapidly on the back of world wide interest in luxury cruising yachts.

Judging by the increasing number of luxury sail and motor boats appearing at marinas throughout Southeast Asia luxury yacht cruising is taking off in a big way here as well. To compliment this growth Navathome Australia are now providing RYA recognized elearning theory courses in navigation and seamanship to the region. Recognized by the Royal Yachting Association, Navathome Australia courses mean you can complete your "Day Skipper", "Coastal Skipper" or "Yachtmaster" theory at home using the latest in elearning platforms and on successful completion gain your RYA qualification in navigation and seamanship

Three courses are available, each supported by a theory pack that includes practice charts, texts, a training almanac and a chart plotter simulator. Courses consist of a series of instructional modules delivered over the Internet with full explanations, animated diagrams and exercises that allow you to practice navigation using realistic scenarios.

Don Punch is the Principal of Navathome Australia and provides online support to assist students through the course. Don is a professional Yachtmaster Instructor, holding qualifications in both power and sail and has been teaching navigation for 15 years.

One of the challenges Don sees is the growing dependence by cruisers and racers alike on electronic navigation and the loss of traditional navigation skills.

"Knowing how to effectively use both electronic and traditional navigation techniques is incredibly important today with increasingly crowded waterways and more people sailing on extended cruises" says Don.

Unfortunately, groundings with the total loss of vessels are becoming more commonplace and there are a growing number of accident investigations that link this trend back to inappropriate reliance on electronic systems.

Imagine if you are cruising for the weekend and you find yourself sailing at night or in poor visibility and the electronics fail. What would be your first reaction?

A knowledgeable skipper would have kept a record of position and be able to effectively navigate a safe course using the chart, the compass, the depth sounder and navigational lights on shore. Completing a Navathome Australia course means that you will know how to do this safely and in doing so, inspire confidence in your crew.

"Essential Navigation and Seamanship" is an introductory course and is ideal for sailors who cruise or race around a local harbor and need a basic knowledge of the rules of the road, buoyage and tide. It assumes no prior knowledge and can be completed in about 18 hours.

The "Day Skipper" course also assumes no prior knowledge but takes you to a much more advanced level. This course will teach you how to read nautical charts, how to assess their reliability and plot your position. You will learn about tides and tide streams, the weather, best practice in using electronic systems and buoyage and pilotage techniques. Take one step further and the "Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster" theory course will teach you advanced navigational techniques to take vessels in and out of any port in all sorts of weather by day or night. For the truly adventurous, "Ocean Yachtmaster" is also available. This course will teach you how to navigate by the sun and the stars and how to plan for ocean crossings.

SEAY Regional NewsEach of these courses can be completed in your own time at home and Don is always available to help you with a question. Each course takes about 35 hours to complete. As well as teaching you new skills they are fun and challenging and Don says quite a few couples who sail together do the course together. Practical sail and motor courses are also available and allow you to practice the skills you learn in the theory course. Don can provide details of these courses and locations worldwide.

In a world where there is growing demand for sailing accreditation the recognition the sailing industry has given to RYA qualifications is outstanding and means that holders of RYA qualifications can stand proud of their achievement. It also makes it far easier to charter boats in many of the best cruising grounds worldwide. If you would like to know more about Navathome Australia Courses or the RYA cruising scheme for sail or power contact Don at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit the web site at www.navathome.com.au.

SEAY Regional NewsIt is not often that the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (UK) will recognize a boat designed in Asia as the "'Significant Small Ship of the Year". But with this project it happened. This unique boat was designed in Thailand by Albatross Marine Design, and the first one was built and recently launched in Russia. The craft, called AS14, is an ambulance catamaran intended for paramedic treatment and rescue.

The arrangement of the new AS14 includes a forward ramp for landing and recovery from the beach, a walk-through pilothouse with 4 shock mitigations seats, a steering station and kitchenette counter. There's a paramedic treatment compartment with all equipment and two stretchers aft from pilot house. The wide aft deck features a docking station for mooring and rescue operations. In the hulls, there are 4 bunks, folding seats, a toilet, storage and tanks compartments, and engine rooms. Stretchers (including the floating type) can be loaded both from fwd and aft doors. Side doors and a crane are used for rescue from the water, or from a high location such as ship or embankment. The structure of the craft is 5083 aluminum alloy. This craft will significantly improve beach rescue, which is crucial for accidents on islands and river estuaries, where there may be no immediate access to paramedic services. The boat is capable of operating in shallow areas and in broken ice up to 5cm; and is seaworthy up to sea state of 5.

These boats are very good in Thai waters – they can promptly reach remote islands and provide paramedic treatment. The main particulars: maximum length – 15. 34m; length of hull - 14.00m; beam – 4.89m, fully loaded displacement – 19000kg; engines 2xSeatec850Plus; Jets – Castoldi 400HC, fuel – 2x1750L; water – 200L, maximum speed – 45kts fully loaded; crew and personnel – 4, stretchers – 2, additional space for rescued – 8. www.amdesign.co.th

SEAY Regional News Thailand-based Albatross Marine Design is developing a new 60-foot sailing cat. The idea of this boat is performance taken at the utmost, but with a stylish exterior and appropriate level of comfort. Four cabins with double beds are provided, as well as two shared heads and two shower rooms. The saloon is minimalistic but practical with a settee, galley, navigator's console and chart table. A hull shape with a 13:1 length to beam ratio was selected for performance. The whole design was optimized via VPP analysis and a CFD study of the hull shape. The hull material is high-tech solution in foam core sandwich and multiaxial fabrics, with a wide use of carbon providing light weight and reliability, supported by the extensive experience of previous designs. The study of structures was performed with the use of Strand7 FEA software, which identified stress concentrations under different loads. This is a light ship (with racing outfit); the craft's weight will comprise about only 12 tons. The boat complies to category A of European RCD. This is already second sailing 60- foot cat from Albatross. Another 60' sailing cat project, but more cruising style, was launched end of 2013 and is called J1800 "Nirvana". Main particulars: length of hull 18.3m, beam 8.6m, draft 0.75m, full load displacement (cruising outfit) 17t, engines - 2x30kW, sail area - 200m2. www.amdesign.co.th