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Heliotrope 48 breaks the mold
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Heliotrope 48 breaks the mold
Heliotrope 48 breaks the mold

In July 2014, Bakricono Shipyard was tasked with designing a power catamaran that would blend elegance with high performance. This commission provided a great opportunity for the company to develop a customer-focused concept that would set the standards for future yacht design. From this initial idea, the HELIOTROPE 48 was created, and this stylish catamaran already stands apart from the competition.

Heliotrope is an Ancient Greek term meaning "dedicated to the sun", and technical director, Philippe Guenat, and naval architect, Dr. Albert Nazarov, followed this principle with HELIOTROPE 65, the world's first Solar-Assisted Luxury Expedition Catamaran Yacht. HELIOTROPE 48 draws upon this rich heritage and pushes design to the limit, cleverly combining performance, style, and space with functionality.

For this new concept, Bakricono sought feedback from customers by asking exactly what they expected from a catamaran. This was a contrast to many yacht designers, who do not assess the needs of the modern, sophisticated customer due to complacency and conservatism, preferring to produce variations on a well-worn theme.

As Philippe Guenat related, "Throughout the design process, we wanted to understand our fellow yacht enthusiasts and develop a catamaran guided by their needs. We were almost overwhelmed by the response that covered every possible design feature: for example, we never realized that shower space was important for so many people!"

Bakricono was faced with an almost impossible list of specifications, but the company saw this as a chance to push design and technological boundaries and showcase their capabilities, experience, and creativity. This risky venture required significant investments of time and money, but the company trusted their team's ability and enthusiasm. This trust was well-placed and the team exceeded the goals: the HELIOTROPE 48 is Bakricono's finest moment and has raised the bar for catamaran design.

Heliotrope 48 breaks the mold
Heliotrope 48 breaks the mold
Heliotrope 48 breaks the mold
Heliotrope 48 breaks the mold

The company focused on high quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship for even the smallest details. At every stage of the process, they asked "what does the customer actually want?" This emphasis delivered a beautiful, high performance catamaran that truly captures the company ethos. The designers included plenty of space, with four large cabins and the signature Bakricono fly bridge, which is comparatively larger than any rival. Sitting high in the water, the HELIOTROPE 48 provides an unparalleled vantage point and extensive views.

One important design feature was the multi-fuel engines that can use diesel, methanol mix, or aviation fuel for maximum customer convenience. The fast displacement category hulls offer minimum draft, a length of less than 50ft, excellent fuel economy, and high speed. The manufacture also includes a new hull vacuum infusion process, which reduces the weight by 1000kg without compromising strength or high performance.

Guenat added, "We future-proofed the HELIOTROPE 48 and it will be at the forefront of yacht design for many years." One year after work on the hull began, the HELIOTROPE 48 is a testament to the Bakricono vision. It was on display at the Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show in late November.

For further information:
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PMG Marine Complex
5/7 Moo 4, Suchada Beach Rd, T. Noenpra,
A. Muangrayong 21150, Rayong, Thailand
Honours for Heliotrope
The prestigious Royal Institution of Naval Architect (UK) awarded the newest MY Heliotrope 48 the "Significant Small Ship of 2015". The Maritime International Showcase Malaysia 2015 (MIS.M 2015) recognized the Bakricono Shipyard as the "Maritime Company of the Year 2015 (Asia)".