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Expense-free Yacht Ownership
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Expense-free Yacht Ownership
Expense-free Yacht Ownership
Expense-free Yacht Ownership

SEA Yachting has devoted many pages over the years to Gulf Charters Thailand and its related company, Island Spirit Catamarans. The two companies have developed into dominant players on Thailand's Eastern Seaboard in the yachting scene. They not only encompass a blue-water sailing school, new and used yacht brokerage and bareboat charter company in Gulf Charters Thailand, but they also build Island Spirit catamarans. These very different capabilities provide for some excellent synergies between the two companies.

Many people have the dream to own their own yacht. But those of us that have owned our own yachts in the past, know too well the expense of yacht ownership—it runs anywhere from 5-10% of the purchase price per year. Meaning, if you were to buy a new sailing catamaran for say 400,000 Euros, you can expect that your annual expenses (mooring, maintenance, insurance, unforeseen expenses, etc.) then will be anywhere from 20,000-40,000 Euros per year depending on where you are located, local costs, etc. Now if you use that yacht four weeks per year, your cost per week of usage is between 5,000-10,000 Euros per week of actual usage, not to mention your original investment in the yacht. The cost coupled with maintenance, and the far that yachts are yachts—they do not like to sit idle. If you buy a yacht, set it on the dock for six months and come back, things just stop working, and the last thing you want to do on your planned holiday is replace a bilge pump, or fix a broken toilet, etc.

Now what if you could combine yacht ownership without all the hassle, in other words, buy a yacht, have it cared for and no additional expenses. Ha, you must be dreamin, eh? No, not really, it is possible, and it is even possible to own a new yacht and not only have no expenses, but earn money in the process.

How is that possible?

We check in with Ron Patston, the CEO of Gulf Charters Thailand and Island Spirit Catamarans to find out what options are available in Thailand for buying a yacht which then gets placed into bareboat charter service.

Ron says there are currently several very special programs for yacht ownership available through Gulf Charters Thailand and Island Spirit Catamarans that are designed to accomplish the following goals:

1) Provide affordable options for owning a new yacht available for use in either the Gulf of Thailand or Phuket
2) Make the ownership of a yacht hassle free removing the issues of moorage, maintenance, and ongoing care
3) Make the yacht ownership not be an ongoing cost burden for the owner, utilize the original investment in the yacht to cover the costs of:
  • Annual mooring
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
4) Make it as easy and hassle free for the owner to use their yacht when they like, in reality:
  • The owner can book usage whenever the yacht is available for their personal use
  • The owner arrives to their yacht with the yacht ready to go; all fresh linens, fully clean and maintained, ice on board and if they like fully provisioned down to their specific desires
  • The owner sails when and where they would like as long as the yacht is available
  • On return to the charter base the client return how, Gulf Charters takes care of any necessary maintenance, cleaning and prepping the yacht and securing the yacht
Expense-free Yacht OwnershipSo what are the programs available for new yacht ownership, well, there are several. The first thing that is important is to determine what you the buyer wants to achieve from the program as there are many buyers with many very different goals. The programs have been designed to try and cover the primary goals outlined here:

Goal #1: Wanting the lowest possible price on a new yacht and willing to put it into charter for 3-5 years.

Goal #2: Willing to pay a fair price, but want to see a good return on my investment over the next 3-5 years.

Goal #3: Want to own a yacht, make sure it covers its own costs and is available for use when the owner has time to go sailing with friends and family.

The next step is to determine what is your dream yacht? Is it an ocean sailing monohull? An Island cruising catamaran? An ocean cruising catamaran? Or even a midsized fast comfortable motoryacht?

And lastly, where would you ideally like to use your yacht? Pattaya? Phuket? Koh Chang? Koh Samui?, or even Hua Hin?

Gulf Charters Thailand has been chartering yachts in Thailand for close to 15 years now and has the privilege to work with two great manufacturers to offer quality yachts in these charter program; Bavaria Yachts and Island Spirit Catamarans. Being offered from Bavaria Yachts are the Vision and Cruising Sailing Monohulls, the new Nautitech Open 40 and the Open 46 Sailing Catamarans as well as the beautiful line of Bavaria Motoryachts. From Island Spirit Catamarans is the Sail 380 and the new Power 480 cruising catamarans.

Yacht Ownership Program #1: Available direct from Gulf Charters Thailand

Yacht Location: Pattaya (Ocean Marina Yacht Club), Koh Chang and Koh Samui, Sihanoukville. Available Yachts on special offer:

  • Bavaria Cruiser 37
  • Bavaria Cruiser 41
  • Bavaria Cruiser 46
  • Selected Bavaria Motoryachts
  • Nautitech Open 40
  • Nautitech Open 46
  • Island Spirit Sail 380
  • Island Spirit Power 480

How the program works: these models are offered by Gulf Charters Thailand at significant discounts from manufacturers' suggested sales prices with the condition that the yacht is sold with a 3-5 year charter contract. The exact specifics of the charter contract are tailored to the buyer's specific goals, whether it be maximum return, maximum boat usage, lowest possible price, etc. So some discussion needs to take place to tailor the best program to meet the buyer's needs.

Yacht Ownership Program #2: Available direct from Island Spirit Catamarans

Yacht Location: Pattaya (Ocean Marina Yacht Club), Koh Chang and Koh Samui, Phuket, Andaman Sea (Port Blair), Cambodia, Myanmar

A customer can purchase a brand new build catamaran at 25-30% off the list price depending on the model and options chosen. This discount is provided by the client agreeing to put the yacht into charter with an Island Spirit affiliated charter company for a period of five years. During this five years the client has full use of the yacht when it is available and all expenses are covered. There is no additional cost to the customer. At the end of the five years the client is free to take their yacht out of charter to go cruising, sell the yacht, or leave the yacht in charter and earn income with the yacht.

Expense-free Yacht Ownership The models available for this program include:
Island Spirit Sail 380
Island Spirit Power 480
What do current owners say about these programs?

Fiona, her husband Larry, and friend Neil, bought their Lagoon 380 sailing catamaran two years ago while working in various Southeast Asian countries. The yacht was purchased through the Gulf Charters brokerage and it made sense for them to put the yacht into the Gulf Charters Thailand bareboat charter fleet in the Gulf of Thailand. The Yacht Management agreement with Gulf Charters allows Fiona, Larry and Neil to use their yacht as long as it doesn't already have a booked charter and if their yacht is not available they can choose from any of Gulf Charters available fleet. Fiona says, "We're very happy with Gulf Charters as they take care of our investment and we get to sail." Larry continued, "The best part of being with a boutique charter company is the personal service. We know and have a great relationship with all their highly skilled staff."

Last August, they spent a month on their yacht in and around Koh Samui and this April spent twelve days cruising around Koh Chang. "We love that Gulf Charters moves their fleet from Koh Chang to Samui and back. We get to sail different waters and explore a multitude of islands in both locations. We have plenty of time on the water and usually help move the fleet by taking our yacht across the Gulf of Thailand twice a year," says Fiona.

Now retired, leaving the yacht on charter still works for them. "Travel and other pursuits keep us busy when not sailing. Gulf Charters maintenance and cleaning crews always have our yacht ready, cleaned and fuelled for our arrival. A bonus to having our yacht with Gulf Charters, of course, is the revenue," continued Fiona. "In general, we're very pleased with the professional approach to detail and quality of service. We plan to keep our yacht with them for the foreseeable future."

So if you thought that buying a yacht was too expensive, or too much of a pain to take care of, or even a bad investment, you may what to have a rethink. Charter yachts are currently generating better returns than most available fixed investments and if you have the dream to own your own yacht, there is a number of whole new ways to look at it. For more details and to discuss exactly what you would like to do, best to contact Ron Patston and open that discussion.

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