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Secrets of a Successful Charter Superyacht
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Secrets of a Successful Charter Superyacht
Secrets of a Successful Charter Superyacht

Secrets of a Successful Charter Superyacht Parents! Have you ever wished for a family holiday where the words "Mom! Dad! I'm bored", aren't heard every other minute? Do you want holiday adventures and discovery travels but despair of juggling logistics, luggage, and keeping all members of your family (with or without children) equally happy? Your dream of tropical islands, hidden beaches, exotic cuisine, leisurely sunset cocktails, warm seas, quality time with family and friends AND a relaxing, hassle free holiday – might seem impossible but…there is a solution, so read on!

Secrets of a Successful Charter Superyacht

A charter on a luxury yacht offers just that, a sailing holiday of a lifetime, where each and every family member can find just what they want. Ideally, you find a yacht which is not only well-appointed, safe and family-friendly but also with professional, experienced crew who you can trust to take care of all your needs, understand the true meaning of "pampering" and are ready to go the extra mile for you and your party.

Motor yacht Mia Kai, one of the few charter superyachts in Thailand, offers just that. She is beautiful looking, with a spacious and stylish interior and accommodation for eight in four staterooms that rivals the best any 5-star resort has to offer. Not only that, this sophisticated yacht has a warm, inviting and friendly crew who welcome guests on board like they're family.

Captain and crew of Mia Kai share a love of boating as well as a love for their work and life aboard the superyacht. The team of six crew are tightly knit, extremely professional and make their hard work to deliver the very best holiday experience to their guests, seem effortless.

Take Captain Den, for example. He was happy to stay up until 3am to welcome guests on board, who had just arrived from the USA. His crew served drinks, a bite to eat and entertained the children, who were quite jet-lagged, until all hours. The next day Den and crew were all up and smiling at 6am to prepare breakfast for the guests and get ready for departure to the first tropical island of their cruise.

Den has been sailing since his youth, on dinghy-sized sailing boats. Over the years he worked his way up to larger yachts, eventually progressing to superyachts (30m+). Friendly, helpful and highly competent, Den has been cruising in Thailand for 10+ years, on Thailand's east coast, in the Gulf of Thailand, as well as in west Thailand, on the Andaman Sea. Over the years, Captain Den has built up an incredible wealth of knowledge about the region. Caves and klongs, hidden hongs, secluded beaches, the best places to snorkel or shores lined with beach bars and shops. Den knows where to go. His favourite anchorages? "The islands in Phang Nga Bay are amongst the best. I've 'discovered' also a surprisingly secret bay on Phuket's west-coast, where you'll encounter few other yachts".

Safety and security are of utmost importance when out on the open seas. First mate, Akerchai (nicknamed Ake) knows this better than most. He spent his early working years teaching Safety and Security at the Thai Marine School in Bangkok. Then, a further 15 years, he was Safety Officer on Maersk cargo ships and oil tankers. Ake has many ocean crossings and consequently a lot of experience under his belt.

Secrets of a Successful Charter Superyacht

"Then I followed a new direction and began work on sailing yacht Raja Laut, sailing in Myanmar. But my heart was in Thailand and when I got a tip from my friend and saw a photo of Mia Kai, I applied for the job straight away". Ake has been Captain Den's right-hand man and second in command on board ever since. Besides ensuring guest safety Ake's responsibilities include crew training such as firefighting and search and rescue drills.

Meal times are highlights of life on board and Chef Jah, excels in Mia Kai's galley (kitchen). Self-taught initially, she has worked on yachts in Thailand and Maldives for over 5 years. Jah has been on Mia Kai for about a year and she is passionate about cooking. Preparing meals for guests as well as crew, her cooking skills compete with her smile for excellence. She is well-versed in Thai and international dishes, especially the best of Italian cuisine. "I always wanted to learn to cook real Italian food and Mia Kai's owner flew his favourite executive Chef out from Italy, to teach me". Guests and crew benefit daily from the gastronomic secrets Jah learned from Chef Fabio. Children have a warm place in her heart and get special treats beyond her popular kid's menu.

Chief stewardess Jajah is used to jumping hurdles. A charming lady of many talents, she spent a couple of years in Colorado, USA training in the sport and represented Thailand internationally in athletic competitions. After an injury cut her athletic career short, she returned to Thailand, where she studied graphic design. Jajah then served as ground stewardess with Thai Air but when the position aboard Mia Kai became available, she applied and got the job. Jajah cleans the interior, acts as deck crew when needed, and takes care of Mia Kai's guests. Her creative side comes into play regularly: this year she designed most of Mia Kai's new, softfurnishings and the in-house drinks menu. Besides that, she concocts her own recipes; delicious Mia Kai cocktails that wow guests.

Bored children stay bored not much longer on Mia Kai. Jajah teaches them painting, drawing and other crafts such as how to make wonderful picture frames for their holiday snaps. Jajah wants to add even more skills to her expertise. "I would like to study yoga. Many guests we have had, want to improve their health and well-being while on holiday and yoga is a popular practice".

Second stewardess Da joined Mia Kai about 6 months ago and feels very much part of the Mia Kai 'family'. Da worked on sailing yachts for a number of years and has sailed from Spain around the Mediterranean region. She crossed the Atlantic no less than four times, and sailed to the Caribbean and even Cuba.

A motor yacht is a new experience for her, but one she now prefers. "It's faster, more comfortable and certainly more relaxing than a sailing yacht!". Da has also contributed to the menu aboard with recipes she learned on her many travels. She is the embodiment of Thai hospitality with a smile that encompasses many continents.

Last but certainly not least, Mia Kai's engineer Mhoo has been with Mia Kai for over 2 years. He started work on the boat after completing 5 years of study in both mechanical and electrical engineering at Siam University. His love of the ocean now competes with his love for Mia Kai. "I take care of all things electrical, the engines, the Jacuzzi, and the jet-skis. Also we have many towable and other toys on board and I make sure everything is in tip-top shape for for our guests, anytime".

So, those were the secrets to a successful charter superyacht like Mia Kai: The Captain and crew who each have their tasks on board, are eager to help each other and work together as a team to provide the best holiday charter guests have ever had. Time for a dream holiday anyone? For more information on Mia Kai and your next super holiday please contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
www.NorthropandJohnson.com | www.NorthropandJohnson-Asia.com

97'/ 29.5m
Tenders and Toys:
Zodiac tender with 50hp Yamaha
Yamaha 3-Seat Waverunner jet ski
Yamaha Super Jet, Jet Ski
2 Kayaks
Water skis
Knee board
1 SUP board
Towable water toys
Inflatable T-dock
Snorkeling equipment
4 deep-sea trolling rods and & extensive billfish lures