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Yachtpro's New Chandlery at Yacht Haven
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Yachtpro's New Chandlery at Yacht Haven
Yachtpro's New Chandlery at Yacht Haven

With the recent and continuing redevelopments at Phuket Yacht Marina, the size of Yachtpro's Chandlery has grown. It's still not huge in area but it is really well stocked. Yachtpro only stocks top international brands and is the distributor/dealer for many quality brands.

It was recently appointed the distributor for the break-through Aquaviro range - a hitech, environmentally-friendly range of cleaning products that are really effective and surprisingly in-expensive especially as most products allow high dilution rates. AquaViro products include Professional Boat & Vehicle Wash - a professional grade marine shampoo; Barnacle Growth, Rust & Scale Remover & Cleaner - a liquid organic salt compound cleaner and an excellent gelcoat restorer; Stainless Steel Cleaner & Preparer - cleans stainless steel and other hard surfaces, leaving a very slight protective film, which retards re-soiling and makes future cleaning easier and quicker; Stainless Steel Rejuvenator & Protector- a natural oil based solvent that rejuvenates old or dull stainless steel and lubricates and protects stainless wire rope.

Yachtpro's New Chandlery at Yacht Haven

Surface Cleaner & Degreaser-a strong water based multi-use cleaner that de-greases, de-fats and de-carbonizes all at once. E-Treat Concentrate Portable Toilet Treatment - a concentrated holding tank and toilet waste neutralizer that is biodegradable and formaldehyde free. Professional Clear & Glass Cleaner- specially formulated for marine clears and glass surfaces and is perfect for any large glass cleaning task. Collinite marine products shine brighter, protect better and survive longer, setting the benchmark in gloss and water-bead durability year after year. They are a favourite of professionals.

Fiberglass Boat Cleaner: First step product for preparing surface for follow-up wax application. Fiberglass Boat Wax: Easy-to-use Gel Protectant providing high gloss shine and long-lasting weather defense. Liquid Fleetwax: Versatile, 2 in 1 formula Fiberglass Cleaner-Wax restores finish as it shines and preserves in one step. #1 selling marine product, Fleetwax Paste: This Last Step Paste Wax combines high luster shine with long-lasting marine weather protection. A repeat awardwinner in independent tests.

CorrosionX is the most advanced corrosion and rust fighter in the world – if not the best – lubricating and penetrating oil on the market. It utilises a revolutionary technology that kills existing rust and corrosion and provides longterm protection against rust and corrosion on any metal surface. As long as CorrosionX is present on metal, it can't rust or corrode and it is safe on electronics and completely shuts down electrolysis between dissimilar metals. It lubricates under extreme loads and high temperatures and will quickly displace ordinary lubricants.

Yachtpro's New Chandlery at Yacht Haven Yachtpro's New Chandlery at Yacht Haven

Yachtpro's New Chandlery at Yacht Haven SEMCO Teak Products have spread worldwide without ever advertising these products and relying strictly on word of mouth. These include SEMCO Teak Sealer known the world over as the best protection for teak, SEMCO Teak Cleaner: the simplest and most thorough way to clean teak without harsh scrubbing and SEMCO Dock Side Cable and Fender Cleaner which removes tar, grease, dirt, paint, wax, oil, and teak sealers from all surfaces including fenders, fiberglass, shore cables, rub rails, canvas and vinyl. Easy to use, restores surface like new.

Yachtpro's New Chandlery at Yacht Haven

Burke Marine Safety Equipment and Apparel products are very well known in Australian Sailing and are expanding in international markets. Quality, strength and economy are hallmarks of the Burke brand. Barton Marine Equipment is one of the UK's most established and innovative brands. It's floating winch handles, Line-tamer and quick inflatable repairing Clam-seals continue to be market leaders. Manson Anchors prides themselves on manufacturing anchors to the highest standards possible and are made at Manson, not "Contract Manufactured". Manson's Lloyds Certification ensures all anchors are made by highly-skilled craftsman and have a life-time warranty against breakage under normal use. The range in stock includes the award winning Supreme, the Boss, the Ray, the Plough and the light-weight Aluminum Racer.

Fineline Ropes have an international reputation on the race course and with cruisers. Stock are a range of polyester single and double braids, Dyneema, Shock-cord, VB cord and Mooring lines. Specialist lines are available to order.

There is a wide range of sailing equipment from manufacturers like Ronstan, Lewmar and Spinlock, comprehensive anchoring and docking equipment, a variety of hoses and even 316 S/S hose clamps, Caframo fans and spares, pumps and plumbing fittings with electrical wire fuses and fittings with flags, local charts and navigation tools. Henri Lloyd, Musto and Du Barry apparel, hats, caps, bags and shoes are in stock with a wide range of sunglasses and accessories, even the avant-garde Telic flipflops. Given their ideal location Yachtpro also run the following services that have proved popular with the boat owners at the marina.

  • Boat Baby-sitting: a short term, simple, adjunct to Yachtpro's Maintenance/Management Service.
  • Boat Visiting Permits, Extensions and Imports.
  • Life-raft Inspection and Service
  • Sail Repair Service and new sails from Seair Sails

For Customer, Trade or Stockist Inquiries please contact: Yachtpro Chandlery at +6676 397 942 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it