Princess Yachts Y72 Reviewed

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We hope you enjoyed (or are still enjoying!) a happy and safe Independence Day on the water with family and friends. Gear up for your next excursion - check out the Princess Passport for the latest stories.

Princess Yachts Y72 Reviewed

The Princess Yachts Y72 tames tempestuous seas with superyacht-level elegance.

Exploring Dry Tortugas

Fort Jefferson is just one of the many attractions boaters can experience during a visit to Dry Tortugas.

Garmin’s Surround View Eases Docking Stress

Featured on the Princess Yachts Y72, Garmin's Surround View gives skippers 360-degree visibility and a bird's-eye view in close quarters.

Finding Balance Between Innovation and What Works

When it comes to building yachts, there are some elements that can and should be changed and others that shouldn't.

Recipe: Cane & Abe Summer Storm

Check out this video recipe for a Summer Storm made with Cane & Abe brown sugar cane rum.

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