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SEA Yachting Q & A

SEA Yachting Q & A

SEA Yachting Q & A

SEA Yachting Q & A

SEA Yachting Q & A
SEA Yachting Q & A
by: Easy Branches Team

Questions for Matthew Na Nagara, Marketing Manager for Port Takola Yacht Marina & Boatyard

Favourite Sailing Film? "Not exactly sailing films, but I enjoyed Cast Away and The Life of Pi." Favourite Marina? "I really like Porto Montenegro, although I have never visited it. The location and the surrounding landscape are just magnificent. I also want to visit Grand Harbor Malta, if I have the opportunity to do so."

Favourite Regatta? "I have limited opportunity to attend regattas but I like the tradition of the Rolex Fastnet race."

Favourite Anchorage? "Phi Phi Islands—although, they are visited by many tourists, the islands are simply stunning."

Favourite type of sailing boat? "I like the design of Swan and Oyster yachts."

Boat you'd most like to design/build? "I really like Bill Tripp's design of Saudade."

What did you learn working as a broker for Simpson Marine? "I learned to work as a professional at Simpson Marine. I was fortunate to have an opportunity to work there without prior experience in boating. They really took the time to teach me about the yachting industry and were very supportive. I had a wonderful time there and want to extend my appreciation to them."

Please tell us a little about your dad and how he brought the first hyperbaric oxygen chambers to Thailand. "My father was the Surgeon Admiral of the Royal Thai Navy. He held many administrative positions in the Navy, including the Director of the Underwater Medicine Division, Chief of Preventative Medicine, Director of the Bangkok Naval Hospital and director of H.M. Queen Sirikit Hospital.

'My father pioneered hyperbaric medicine for the Royal Thai Navy. He later founded the Badalveda Diving Medicine Network to provide Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy service in many private hospitals in Thailand."

How did the idea for the Port Takola Yacht Marina & Boatyard come about?

"Our family's estate was passed on within the family for several generations. The estate was acquired by my great grandfather, Phraya Gangadharadhipati, for a coconut plantation venture. After his passing, the estate has been used for agricultural purposes and some area leased out for a prawn farm venture.

"My father had carefully studied the geographic location of the family's estate and decided that it has various characteristics that are ideal for becoming an international yachting destination. The estate is located in a shelter location with a river access connecting to a deep channel of the Jilad River. It is only 10 minutes drive to Ao Nang, an international tourist destination, as well as Nopparatthara National Park. Krabi Town can be seen across the Jilad River and is a short trip by boat. Krabi International Airport has increased international flights, so it is becoming more convenient for international boat owners to travel here. Krabi province also features many beautiful destinations both on land and sea, such as Railey, Hong Island, Phi Phi Islands, the Emerald Pool, etc."

Where is it exactly?
"Port Takola is located in the centre of Krabi between Ao Nang and Krabi town. The marina is just 10 minutes drive from Ao Nang, near the Gastropod Fossil Bbeach. The marina entrance channel is opposite to the Phi Phi ferry terminal and the HTMS Lanta museum on the Krabi town side."

When finished what will your marina look like: will there be dry-dock facilities, chandleries, tradesmen on site, restaurants, etc.?
"Port Takola is planned with a boutique concept and to integrate with a verdant tropical landscape of the estate. The marina emphasizes on creating a pleasant leisure experience to boat owners, his family, friends, and guests. "Port Takola's phase one will feature 50 wet-berths (for yachts ranging from 12– 40 meters) stern-to & 4- meter wide modern concrete pontoon manufactured by Marinetek. The marina will later expand to 260 wet-berths in phases two and three. 24-hour security, refueling services, fresh water, electricity supply, waste disposal, grey and black water come as standard. The marina basin has 3 meters depth below LAT and the entrance channel will be dredged to -2.5 meters below LAT connecting to a deep channel of the Jilad River.

"The boatyard will be serviced by a 38-ton Roodberg submersible hydraulic trailer. The slipway is extra wide and has a total width of 12 meters. The boatyard's lifting & launching service can operate at a minimum tide of +1.7 meters. Our marina is ideal for tradesmen due to the total capacity of our berthing and the location at the centre of Krabi province.

"Onshore, there will be the Capitainerie, dedicated to servicing the marina's clients. It will have high-quality showers & toilets and a lounge with fiber-optic wifi access. The top floor will be used for the management and the operation of the marina. A casual café will open from morning until late."

Please tell us about the TMBA, its purpose and what your role will be as president.

"I am currently the acting president of the Thailand Marine Business Association. The purpose of the Association is to promote the boating industry and work with the Thai government on any issues that can be improved to make boating in our region more attractive."

What could the Thai gov't do to improve sailing/marina business in this country?

"There should be a policy to allow foreign-flagged yachts and their captains and crews to stay in Thailand for a longer period of time. The classification of yachts in the vessel's registration should also be reconsidered so that there is a clearer classification between a sport and a leisure vessel. If we have consistent regulations that are friendlier for yachts to stay in Thailand, then the Thai economy will benefit."

Why is Port Takola so important to you?

"I think every person has a time when they have to decide what they can do, or what their team can do, to make a positive impact on society. Although, Port Takola is a family entity, there is a team behind it who works and believes that Port Takola will not only provide a good experience for boat owners, but will also have a positive impact on the local community and economy."


Matthew received his Bachelor's of Science in Asian Studies from the University of Utah. He then returned to Thailand to assist his father's businesses by becoming project coordinator role the Gangadhara Co. Ltd.

In November 2010, Matthew took leave of absence to serve in the Royal Thai Navy for 6 months period, under the Thai Military draft law. As a private, he was posted at the Hydrographic Department until April 2011. After his military duty, he joined Simpson Marine Thailand as a broker and later returned to assist his father as Marketing Manager of the Port Takola marina.

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